Kommentar bei Somebody Think Of The Children, zur Verhaftung von Garion Hall vor dem Sommer 2009

Writing from Austria, I have to say that this site really is spending hope. Australia should be proud of it, and its owner honored – not jailed. It’s arousing and making confident at the same time. A democratic experience.
The above criticism I consider to be very miserable. And unfortunate – especially thinking about the whole lot of other, real disgusting pornography out there.
I’ve been a member every year since 2006, twice in 2009.
I guess I would not have met my first girlfriend if I wasn’t, because of my disability I wouldn’t dare to touch a female body. Yet sites like Abby Winters made me think otherwise.
Sure, Abby Winters may be a true fantasy. Garion Hall may be Abby. And guess what? I thank him for that! It’s even just underlining what I think about this site. In this regard, about that what it provides.
Therefore, Abby Winters means nothing less than education for me. Pure education.
Presenting the world of female anatomy.
It’s also really one of a kind in the whole world. There is nothing even coming close to it. No other site. Yet there are other unique Australian sites, like beautifulagony, which doesn’t even feature nudity and therefore hardly would be considered „pornography“ in my country. Thanks to Abby Winters and sites like beautifulagony, Australian erotica could have even established some sort of brand. A very positive brand in my opinion. Sure it’s not that „hardcore“, and sites like kink.com in the US have similiar ethical standards – yet those sites are very „hardcore“ and even unconsumable for people without some BDSM tastes. So Abby Winters is the deal, especially if you’re a heterosexual man, don’t want to see other males in front of a camera, and aren’t into BDSM.



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