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I think it’s sad that much information concerning this topic from the German speaking world is not availiable in English. For French-speaking readers I strongly recommend this website: http://gamingsince198x.fr/ which is covering many aspects of the „Killerspiel“ debate in Germany, and the „Killergames“ debate in Switzerland

There is also an article about Malte Lehming, chief of „opinion“ from the major German newspaper „Tagesspiegel“: http://gamingsince198x.fr/?p=3235

Lehming recently compared violence in gaming (even not video game addiction!) in a very aggressive tone with heroin addiction and the use of needles in the use of this opiate drug. It’s also quite usual lately, especially in Switzerland, to compare gaming with child pornography, which points down to the crime of raping children: the Swiss orgainzation „Vereinigung gegen mediale Gewalt“ (VGMG) is even stating this comparison on its homepage: http://www.vgmg.ch/artikel_presse/killergames_warum_verbieten.pdf

For example only one translated sentence from this document: „… Like child pornography it won’t be totally successful to ban killer games from screens…“

http://www.vgmg.ch/artikel_presse/artik_presse.htm „Die VGMG ist der Meinung, dass der Konsum von grausamer Gewalt in Games ebenso wie jener von Kinderpornographie stark eingeschränkt werden muss. Niemand braucht solche Darstellungen.“

Translated text: „The VGMG is of the opinon that the consumption of cruel violence in games has to be heavily limited like the consumption of child pornography. Nobody needs such depictions.“

Evi Allemann, mentioned by Kotaku, and Roland Näf are the two most important representatives of the VGMG.

As the source of this „killer games“ is often considered to be the US army. Like in this translated article by Renate and „Rudi“ Hänsel: „Send Back US-Army Killer Games to Where They Came From“ http://www.currentconcerns.ch/index.php?id=776

Bastian Birke recently published connections between the VGMG, this Swiss publication „Current Concerns“ („Zeit-Fragen“ in German, „Horizons et débats“ in French, „Discorso libero“ in Italian and „Horizontes y Debates“ in Spanish http://www.zeit-fragen.ch/links/) and the abandoned psycho group „Verein zur Förderung der psychologischen Menschenkenntnis“ (VPM): http://www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/32/32238/1.html (in German)

There was also an article in the Swiss newspaper „Tagesanzeiger“ concerning the political connections between a ban of violent games in Switzerland and the succession of the VPM-cult: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/schweiz/standard/VPMAnhaenger-mischen-mit/story/19639529

My real name is Juergen Mayer. I’m an academic historian and currently researching this topic for the University of Graz here in Austria;

There is a strong Anti-American tone at present. Video games dealing traditionally with issues like war or violence are considered to be a malevolent invention by the US military and a form of hate speech

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