Zur Rolle von Menschen und Zombies in der „Dead Rising“-Franchise

Die englischsprachige Übersetzung eines Langzitates von Keiji Inafune in einem der zwischen den einzelnen Episoden von „Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun“ eingespielten Making-ofs des Films, übernommen von Xbox LIVE (außerhalb Deutschlands) mittels eigener Transkription: ‚In the Dead Rising series, „psychopaths“ are the game’s bosses. In zombie movies, as well as in zombie games, monsters are usually the enemy. In most games, monsters serve as the game’s bosses, too. I used another formula typical for zombie movies, and transferred the horror elements to human characters. One of the characteristics of the game is that psychopaths, mad and evil humans, serve as the bosses. I’ve adhered to the same formula in the movie, too. The psychopath, Takahashi, bullies the protagonists. Well, his bullying is kind of extreme, but there are scenes of bullying.
I believe that zombies are in a way a symbol of human stupidity. The boss-like existence of such stupid creatures is a personification of our egos, selfishness, the hidden dephts of human soul. The real intrigue in the game, as well as in the movie, is how the characters with pure, beautiful souls stand up against the humans with evil, corrupted souls. I think this is the most interesting issue.
What would people experience in a situation in which they are dragged into a world inhabited by zombies and monsters? I think they would definitely become terrified. Their only thought would be how to save their own skins. What zombie films must show is how in such situations humans manage to join forces and get out of the pinch by helping each other. This is a very relevant social message.
The question is how to incorporate it in games, which represent a form of popular entertainment designed to be enjoyed. I created this movie driven by the thought that even such cheap grade-B and C horror movies should be able to convey this important social message.
In all societies, people experience various difficulties. The real challenge is to not let difficulties drag you to the dark side, but remain loyal to your true self, and stand up to evil. This is an issue everyone faces. I am no exception, either. This is one of the messages I tried to convey through the game and the movie.
I hope that you’ll enjoy them even more from that perspective. Thank you very much.‘

Nachtrag: die Transkription veröffentlichte ich bereits hier.

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